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wow English Flynt education
super 3 wow English Flynt education

Discover the English method for children that everyone talks about.

English from the beginning

WOW English is an immersive English method for boys and girls from 3 years old with which our students absorb the language from the first minute and without interruption to offer a complete experience at the hands of native-speaking teachers.

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€65 / month

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wow English Flynt education

Based on the emotional memory of the child.

WOW English focuses on learning the phonetics of the language, the way we do it with our native language. 

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We want your children to learn English for real.

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We are not a franchise that hides under a trade name, nor the umpteenth center of a large company that moves around the world. In our school your child will not be a number. We are not going to sell you a stuffed animal, or a book, or a CD to listen to in the car. We are not going to charge you large material fees, or very high registration fees. We are not going to force you to stay with the excuse of interrupting your son or daughter's learning. We are going to teach him English.


Our method is based on the organic and natural learning of the child, which takes advantage of the mental elasticity of the first stages of life to crystallize the pronunciation and phonetics of the language.


We don't know much about marketing or advertising, but we know a lot about teaching English.

Do you want to learn more?

Text us through WhatsApp or via email and we will offer you all the details of WOW English

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