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100% Digital.
100% Flexible.
100% Efective.

100% online language classes with videoconference sessions and continuous support from your teacher 7 days a week.

Flynt Online render

What's included?

4h of classes with teacher

Our digital plan includes 4 hours of live classes with a native teacher through Google Meet.

Native and qualified teacher

All our teachers are native and are qualified. In addition, we guarantee that you will always have the same teacher throughout the course.

Hundreds of online activities

With free access to Flynt Online included, you will be able to access a large multitude of exercises arranged by level.

Video explanation

Through the Flynt Online E-learning platform you can access additional explanations, as well as recorded classes and audiovisual exercises.

Unlimited chat with your teacher

You have doubts? Do not worry. Through Flynt Online, you can ask your regular teacher for any questions you have about the language.

Multi-device platform

Access Flynt Online from any device and without limit of connections or users.

For all official levels.

Flynt x KET
Flynt x PET
Flynt x FCE
Flynt x CAE
Flynt Online iphone

One flat rate.

Start today. Cancel whenever.



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