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Our students do not come to us just to learn a new language, our students come to us to fulfill a dream. Whether it's to get the ideal job, to take the trip of a lifetime, or simply to be able to talk to that special person.


At Flynt Education, we believe that there is more to teaching than just teaching. When we learn, we create experiences, we build bonds, we make dreams and we prepare the future. Education is not a product, it is an essential part of our lives, and we are delighted to be able to accompany you on this journey.

Flynt office
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They already know us.

Hombre con gafas
Herbert N.

No enrollment fees. Very competitive prices.

Very professional teachers.

Atardecer en la ciudad
Jasmin Ah.

Great language School! Nice and competent teachers - had an individual course which helped me a lot in order to prepare myself for studying at a Spanish university. Muchas gracias!

Mujer feliz
Susana G.

I have been able to choose the hours that best suit me. And I can always modify them, with the guarantee that I will never miss a class.

Hombre con gorra
Marc Rodriguez

Very serious people and with a great variety of languages, the best academy in Lloret by far.

Flynt Education, training center.
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